Fresh Brewed Hops Kicks Off Fall at Flatbread

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While we say goodbye to the close of summer and its bounty of fresh produce, early fall brings us one ingredient to be particularly excited for. Fresh hops! The local hops farms have been harvested and for a very short window, leave hops fanatics to savor the ultimate experience of fresh brewed flavor.

To celebrate the season, all Flatbread locations will feature fresh hopped beers on tap. Due to demand, these beers won’t last long. Come quick and come thirsty to enjoy a pint or two before we’re left waiting another year to imbibe on these wet-hopped treats.

To learn about what makes fresh hops so special, and a few draft picks to take advantage of, read more from Imbibe Magazine below.

Tapping into our favorite draft-only wet-hop brews.

Christmas comes early each year for hop-headed beer drinkers—specifically in fall, when fresh, resinous hops are ripe and ready for harvest. For a short window of time starting anywhere from late August to mid-September, brewers rush to get whole, fresh hops straight from the field to the brew kettle—some literally overnighting freshly picked hops to the brewery via charter plane to begin the brewing process within hours of picking (other brewers simply opt to grow their own hops). These fresh-hop (also called wet-hop) beers are so hyper-seasonal that most kegs are emptied as quickly as the hops come off the bines. We highlight five bottled fresh-hop beers in our September/October 2013 issue, but plenty of others don’t leave the brewpub in which they’re born. Here are five fleeting, draft-only favorites.